Compact and uncomplicated

22nd Aug 2019Environment

All over the world people are choosing to scale down and they’re doing so for various reasons. In many cases, it includes a more compact living space, and property developers have responded to this trend. Locally, the Amdec Group, South Africa’s leading developer of New Urban lifestyles, is incorporating it in much of their forward-planning.

Here are a handful of reasons why living small is a lifestyle choice worth considering.

1. It’s easier to maintain

One of the great appeals of more compact living spaces is less maintenance and upkeep. Also, it’s more likely that when something does require attention, it will get sorted sooner, because there isn’t a constant – and often overwhelming – stream of tasks that you never get to.

2. It’s quicker to clean and keep tidy

There’s truth to the saying “mess causes stress”. Clutter bombards us with excessive stimuli, it distracts us by drawing our attention away from whatever we’re trying to focus on, and it makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally. The positive psychology behind decluttering has been proven by science, so it really is worth the effort, although finding the time is a constant challenge. One of the biggest benefits of living on a smaller scale, is it’s quicker and easier to keep clean, neat and tidy.

3. It’s cheaper to run…

Compared with a larger property, the rates and taxes, levies and other running costs like water and electricity, could come down if you elect to live on a smaller scale. With living costs always on the rise, a lighter load on your cashflow is an important consideration.

…and cheaper to buy

Purchasing a smaller living space comes with a smaller deposit and more manageable bond repayments. Debt is expensive. Anything that helps you live within your means, could make a big difference to your finances in the long run.

4. It’s less stressful to own

Younger generations have figured out that owning fewer possessions comes with fewer concerns and this is one of the biggest drivers behind the leaning towards compact living. As the homeowners and tenants of tomorrow, their preferences matter.

Where it concerns the property itself, not having to oversee constant maintenance or do regular DIY is a luxury many homeowners often don’t have.

5. It’s more valuable over time

With demand for smaller living spaces rising, experts are predicting that the popularity of this type of property among younger generations will increase over time. This makes it an attractive investment prospect, on top of the sought-after lifestyle that it offers.

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